Environmental concerns for septic tank systems

A properly maintained septic tank in an appropriate location does not necessarily pose any more of an environmental risk than the normal sewage system operated by local government, although if the sepctic tanks is not regulary maintained or is within an unstable location, then issues could arise which may cause significant risk to the immediate surroundings.

Gas and Odor emmissions:

Under the anaerobic conditions of septic tanks, sulfates especially, are reduced to hydrogen sulfide, a toxic and pungent gas, what can also be released is known as methane. Ammonia may also be present as this is what organic nitrogen compounds and nitrates can be reduced to. Carbon dioxide and/or methane may also be generated due to the fermentation processes that take place due to the anaerobic conditions.

Pollution to groundwater:

Groundwater pollution beyond acceptable limits may occur in areas with high population density. Because of this problem, some small towns have experienced how expensive it can be to build centalised water treatment systems, due to the population. Properly functioning septic tanks can be helpful for limited amounts of time, but as population density increases, it can make not much of a difference.

Pollution to surface water:

Harvest restrictions or closures can be forced upon areas where failing or improperly maintained septic systems are contributing to polution levels which may be adjacent to water bodies with fish or shellfish intended for human consumption.

It’s highly important that the location and condition of your septic tank system is taken into consideration before you e ven think about installing one, let alone discussing how to maintain it, especially if your location is of high environmental importance, which most places are as we don’t want to effect the environment on purpose.

Always ensure your septic tank system is maintained on a regular basis and if you need an professional advice or would like a quote for septic tank emptying, then visit emptyseptictank.co.uk or please give them a call today if you need help!

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